Aug 272017

The finest luxury hotels are much more than just hotels. In fact, they can be regarded as incubators for the hottest upcoming trends in wellness, architecture, cuisines and interior design. Here is what some experts feel and predict about the trends some of which have already become popular among many luxury hotels.

Larger bathrooms

The thumb rule that many luxury hotels have started following is that bathrooms in their properties should be superior to what the guests have at their homes. The hotels are following practical aspects while designing their bathrooms. Some instances include providing adequate space to keep items in the shower as well as ensuring that they are not tripped over on the floor. New bathrooms are definitely going to be bigger. There are several instances when guests have asked for their separate private bathrooms especially while staying as a couple. Thus, a new trend that is expected to catch up soon is many rooms featuring two bathrooms. In a way, such a trend has redefined the meaning of luxury living in hotels for sure.

Desire for greater privacy as well as intimacy

Many high-end guests, particularly who are traveling with their families are looking for luxury but on a much smaller scale lately.

In other words, an increasing number of patrons desire for greater intimacy as well as privacy. These guests do not mind even if the hotel is not so big. The highest end customers for luxury hotel market would also prefer a small hotel that could be taken over by a few families.

Latest trend in hotel architecture

Focus on superior-quality lighting-The focus will be on fitting better-quality lighting systems. There will be an increase in the use of LEDs in public spaces as well as guest rooms. On a whole, there would be larger variability in the way light is adjusted and controlled in a luxury hotel.

Use of high-end technology- If technology interaction is fewer guests may regard a hotel as dated. It is important for hotels that if it becomes out of date and power outlets are put on at bizarre places, guests will find it difficult to charge their phones and other devices. Thus, a room may appear antiquated even if it has a chic decor. Today guest travel with a host of electronic devices and so hotels are making sure that they enjoy the ease of accessibility while using the technology in their rooms.

Boundaries getting increasingly blurred- The various parts of a luxury hotel will have rigidity. There is a blur in the definitions of restaurants, bars, lobbies, and rooms today in many luxury properties.

Latest trends on hotel food

Restaurants have started appearing like community-More hotels and their restaurants are becoming increasingly seamless with their neighboring localities like  halal business lunch singapore . Soon the distinction between a hangout in the neighborhood and a hotel restaurant will reduce. Today, on-site restaurants are not only places where the hotel guests come and spend time. Even more locals are seen visiting them. Thus, hotels are becoming similar to a community.

Less formal environment- While hotel restaurants continue to offer fine dining experiences to their guests with respect to great service and food quality, use of traditional attributes such as the presence of multiple captains, white tablecloths, and a sommelier will become less relevant. Thus, the meaning of good service is being redefined in many luxury hotel restaurants. Patrons will be seen having an increasing desire to find out where the wine and the food are sourced from thus putting the focus on the origin and the quality of the ingredients used.

Latest trends in hotel spas

Spas will go back to use of greater manual treatments- More spas will put machine-driven and quick-fix procedures behind and give more importance to manual treatments.

More men clients- Spas are going to have a bigger population of male clients. Today, more men are showing interests in their grooming like pedicures manicures, wet shaves, and facials among others.

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