Aug 312017

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A vacation is needed

A break from work is necessary or else we will go crazy. We all need a break from our busy schedule at some point in life. Without a break it is impossible to go on working. Such breaks are often utilized by going for a vacation with family and friends. Usually in such vacations people go out to their favorite destination and explore new tourist spots. There are numerous tourist spots across the globe. Tourism industry is a thriving industry in the world today. There are many allied industry like the hospitality industry that has come up to support and further enhance the tourism industry.

A tourist destination becomes popular not only because of its scenic beauty but also because of the hotels and accommodation facilities in that area. A tourist destination with a wide range of luxury hotels and budget hotels that cater to all kinds of tourists tend to do better that other tourist spots.

Nowadays the demand for luxurious living in hotels has increased and there are more and more luxury hotels that are coming up to cater to such demands. There is no fixed definition of a luxury hotel. In fact many three star or five star hotels pose themselves as luxury hotels.

Every time you travel you want an upscale experience in the hotel you opt for. The hotel must provide you with all the comfort and amenities that will help you forget your stress and relax for a few days and forget about all worldly tensions. There are many new terms that are now appended to hotels nowadaysluxury, boutique, three star, five star etc. But these labels are not enough to determine whether these hotels are worth going to. There are some distinctive features that make a hotel give you a luxurious experience.

What experiences we look for in a luxury hotel?

A true luxurious living: luxury is one of the most overused words. Nowadays when travelers think of luxury they want to go back to that age old definition of the word which meant something rare and involved some emotional investment. Hotels that give you a personalized experience is indeed a luxury hotel.

Simplicity: destressing ourselves seems like a luxury in this busy world. With heavy words like artisanal, boutique, curated often the focus from destressing is removed. The main buzzword amongst travelers nowadays is simplicity. Travelers want a simplistic experiencethey want to look out of the window and feel overwhelmed by the scenic beauty outside.

Experience and not ownership: nowadays travelers look forward to having a good experience rather than filling up their handbags. Travelers want to make their travel experiences like a story that is worth telling and hotels play a major role in it.

Turning home to a luxury hotel

It may not be always possible to go on a vacation every time you want. But there is a way out you can surely turn your home into a luxury hotel. Here are some ideas:

A lavish bedroom: a 4 star hotel in singapore will always invest in its bedding and give you a lavish bed. Replicate that in your home and feel royal.

A Spa bathroom: a spa bathroom is often a USP in a luxury hotel. Recreating that in your own home can surely make you feel that you are on a holiday.

A luxurious entry to the house: the entryway to a luxurious hotel is always grand and plush. Try and make the entry of your home a bit grand by highlighting some niche center points that will easily grab the visitors attention.

Organized spaces: spaces are always well organized in hotels whether big or small. You should try and do that in your own home as well.

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