Aug 262017

There was a time in the 90’s when the Paramount in New Your City had asked its patrons to purchase their breakfasts from a renowned take-away located adjacent to their property. However, today, guests of group banquet and hotels have a highly diverse and new set of dining demands requirements. Many luxury hotels around the globe have taken a closer clock at their in-room dining facilities. The result is that hotel food service and restaurant dining have undergone a great transformation. Independent and luxury hotels are in a good position to offer customized culinary solutions for their patrons. That has been possible since there are fewer restrictions on buying requirements and corporate procedures for them today as opposed to a decade ago. Such freedom has led to a massive explosion in the field of culinary creativity. Plays, it has made sourcing of ingredients in the locality much simpler. Thus, chefs of luxury hotels possess an in-depth knowledge of the way in which vegetables grow and the manner in which animals are raised.
Today’s customers can use their smartphones to track, order the best food, receive loyalty points, review their deliveries, communicate their likings she disliking online in the social media forums, choose how they want their deliveries to be made from hundreds of choices and so on. Hence it is of little surprise that the same customers would demand and expect the same kind of service where food is concerned while living in a luxury hotel. Expecting the best possible kinds of cuisines is now an integral part of luxury living in hotels.

Check out some f the hot food trends in luxury hotels today to get a clear idea on how there has been a great change in the way food is served in these properties.

Trend 1: Hotels are increasingly becoming bar-centric

There was a time when hotels were more restaurant-centric in nature. However, today they have gone one step ahead by becoming more bar-centric places where their patrons can enjoy craft beers and highly creative cocktails. Today consumers are also able to freely network in these bars.

Trend 2: Boundaries between the bar and restaurant have reduced

Earlier the bar and the restaurant in many luxury hotels used to be two separate rooms, but today, those boundaries have diminished with respect to how the public space ends. A luxury hotel’s lobby could flow into its restaurant or a bar.

Trend 3: Meals are no longer about just menus

There was a time that meals in in-house restaurants of the hotels used to be only about menus. But today they go much beyond that. It is also about sampling, grazing and snacking. Thus restaurants in luxury hotels today encourage social dining catering to certain specific diets.

Trend 4: Hotels are also accommodating grab-and-go for their high-flying patrons

Earlier, getting your hunger satiated while in a hotel meant either hitting its restaurant of getting them through from service when the guest felt lazy to go out and dine, but today, patrons have become much more mobile and are seen to hit the grab-and-go facility in their hotel so that they can get food for their plane ride or in their rooms.

Trend 5: More luxury hotels are offering choices of vegetarian comfort food as well as halal cuisine

Another new trend is the rise of vegetables on a guest’s dinner plate with heavy side dishes and animal proteins make their way for larger number vegetarian choices. In fact, more people are looking for what they fondly term as “veggies” during their stay at a hotel. It also signifies that more guests are more likely to place orders for mashed cauliflower rather than opting for chicken pasta in the near future. They may also ask for vegetarian crust rather than its non-vegetarian equivalent for a healthier pizza.

If you like to know more about food trends in hotel, here is an article by a hotel association. Check it out!

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