Apr 042016

Melbourne has a number of tourist spots and hence, those who visit the city should make it a point to visit and see these places. Let us have a look.

1. Queen Victoria Market

This is one of the must-visit destinations for tourists. The market offers various types of fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat and poultry. You can find even specialty delicacies as well in this market.

Apart from food products, the place accommodates a market that is not related to foods. In this market, you can buy clothes, shoes, handmade art items, jewelry, etc. Tourists can enjoy the old-world charm of the place.

2. Penguin Parade

The Penguin Parade that is about 95 kms. from the city of Melbourne is a major attraction because it re-connects people with nature and wild life. Especially, the sight of young penguins returning home when the sun sets is a scene that everyone will like.

3. Warrook Cattle Farm

Those who visit Melbourne on a family holiday can have a great time with animals like sheep, wombat and kangaroos at Warrook Cattle Farm. Children as well as adults will enjoy the sight of these animals being fed.

4. 12 Apostles

You cannot miss visiting 12 Apostles when you visit Melbourne. It is on the coastline of Victoria these giant rock structures stand tall. These are limestone cliffs formed due to the sea-wave erosion that began millions of years ago. Caves that ultimately got converted into arches were formed in these cliffs. The colors of these structures keep changing from dark to bright sandy yellow color as the sun becomes a full ball of fire.

Though the place is called 12 Apostles, there are only 8 structures at present. You have to travel towards the West for about 4 hours to reach the place that is nearly 275 kilometers from Melbourne. The erosion is still continuing and so, experts feel that the shape of the structures will change in future.

5. Healesvile Sanctuary

The Healesvile Sanctuary is at the Yerra Ranges foothills and this sanctuary provides you with a typically Australian wildlife experience. Nearly 200 species of various types of Australian wildlife that include platypus, emus, koalas, Tasmanian devils, wombats, eagles and lyrebirds can be found in this sanctuary. Experts are available in this place for explaining about these animals.

In addition to these 5 places, you can visit Yarra Valley Wineries, Peninsula Hot Springs, Eureka Skydeck 88, Sovereign Hill, and the Melbourne Aquarium also because these attractions will certainly fascinate you and your family members. If you arrive at the airport, you can always choose Melbourne airport transport to city, to check out these places.

Apr 012016

They say that big things come in small packages. When it comes to the beautifully diverse, picturesque and compact city-state of Singapore, that statement holds absolutely true! Is it just the unified herd-mentality of holiday-hunters, globe-trotters and passionate travelers that has put Singapore on the top of the travel-destinations list? Nope. As it turns out, this tiny strip of land does indeed have a lot to offer. Here are ten reasons why you should visit Singapore this year:-

1. Haven of order amidst chaos- For many, the words “South-east Asia” immediately conjures up the intimidating image of crowded streets, chaos and mayhem. For them, the peaceful orderliness of Singapore will surely be a pleasant surprise.

2. Cultural kaleidoscope- Being populated by ethnic groups from all over the world, Singapore offers you a colorful collage of cultural diversity and religious tolerance. Little India and China Town are great places to visit to get a glimpse of the unique blend of cultural heritage that has shaped Singapore.

3. Shoppers’ delight- Irrespective of the size of your budget, if you love shopping, you will love Singapore. Places like Orchard Road, Marina Bay sands and Haji Lane offer you a wide range from high-end brands to local boutiques. Even the Singapore Changi Airport has become a great place for some last-minute duty-free shopping. Hotels like the mandarin Orchard and Business Bay Hotel Singapore are strategically placed close to Orchard Road and VivoCity respectively to help indulge your shopping spree.

4. Non-stop events- Your itinerary will be full regardless of the time of the year to choose to visit. Whether it is the Singapore Airshow, the Singapore Art Week, Deepawali, Chinese New Year, Christmas or Hari Raya Adilfitri, there is always something brewing, some festival round the bend.

5. Family-friendliness- While you are offered a wide variety of night-life choices at Clarke Quay or Marina Bay, Singapore is a great place for family vacations too. A visit to the Singapore Zoo, a ride on the Singapore Flyer and river safaris are among the plenty options that your kids will love.

6. For your eyes only- This garden city is truly a picture-postcard. The Singapore Botanic Gardens and Gardens by the Bay are amazing treats for your eyes.

7. A treat for your taste-buds- Speaking of treats, get ready for your taste-buds to be seduced. A slice of India, a sprinkle of China, a dash of Middle-east, all come together in a global fusion pot of yummy goodness. Don’t miss the Singapore Food Expo 2016 and other food festivals.

8. Breathtaking architecture- The awe-inspiring Singapore skyline is a unique fusion of historic and modern architecture. Instagram-worthy shots await you at every corner.

9. Dreamy cruises- Being in the cruise hub of South-east Asia, you get to choose from a variety of cruise liners. Beautiful islands like Redang and Bali are just a luxurious cruise away!

10. For the love of art- Singapore has also earned the title of being the Art hub of the East. The National Gallery Singapore, the Singapore Art Museum and the Esplanade Theaters by the Bay are a few stops that would help you nourish your artsy side.

It is therefore no surprise that Singapore is one of the hottest destinations to travel to this 2016! Just like the Merlion that has become a symbol for Singapore, the place is an enchanting blend of many contrasts. Escape into a perfect vacation amidst a beautiful paradoxical fusion of old-meets-new and East-meets-West.