15 Reasons Why More People Are Choosing To Live In Luxury Hotels

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Aug 222017

You all probably get the melancholy feeling when you know that it is the last night of your stay at the hotel. The feeling of not wanting to leave and the sinking feeling that you get when it is actually time for you to check out. It is only natural to feel this way as a hotel is a place in which all the guests are treated like royalty and you get pampered by the staff.

Some celebrities such as John Travolta, Keanu Reeves, Robert DiNero have done it right and have chosen to live in luxury hotels. These are also other people who are not as famous or have the same kind of money that these celebrities have that have also chosen the luxury life in the hotel compared to living in apartments. Hotels are usually associated with an exotic holiday location and can be some of the best experiences that we have in our life. Irrespective of whether it is a beach front location or a historical location or even a hotel high up in the hills, hotels are always only seen as a temporary living arrangement and not somewhere that you can live your life out of.

However, there are a lot of reasons why living in a luxury hotel is very appealing and should be considered. This experience cannot be replicated by a homeowner or even in a rented apartment unless the owner spends huge amounts of money. Here are 15 reasons why luxury living in hotels has become a more popular choice today.

1. The entire staff of the hotel is at your beck and call. There’s someone for every job as opposed to homes where you could hire one person to do a few jobs but it could never replace being able to pick up the phone and have every need fulfilled in the blink of an eye.

2. In a hotel you never have to worry about coming back to a messy home, your bed is made the linen is refreshed and the room is cleaned while you’re away.

3. You not only have a luxury room but also luxury living space beyond the room such as the hotel’s lobby, the bar and restaurant area of the hotel, the outdoor ground, and also the patio area.

4. Hotels are always in ideal areas that allow you to have a good cultural experience.

5. The hotel concierge is like your very own personal assistant who is available to cater to all of your needs.

6. You never have to worry about cooking food as it can be sent right up to your room with just a phone call.

7. The longer you stay in the hotel the more personalized your customer service experience gets.

8. There is always someone new that you can meet in a hotel which will help you diversify your group of friends.

9. It is very safe to live in a hotel as there is 24 hours security and ever present staff.

10. You do not have to pay any bill other than the hotels. Other charges like water, electricity, maintenance, gardening fees, property taxes and the other endless bills that can usually be found in a house are taken care of.

11. You have covered parking for your car.

12. You only pay for those days that you live in the hotel.

13. There are people to fix it if anything malfunctions.

14. You do not have to worry about maintaining the yard.

15. Shifting hotels or even cities does not require any prior notice and can be easily done without having to worry about selling the property all you have to do is check out.

16. And most importantly, you have a halal business lunch in singapore that caters to all races of people from around the world.

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How a Business Lunch can Boost Your Career

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Feb 182016

Men doing business are demanding of more than just a proof of your achievements. A real proof of achievement is the man’s manners, behaviors and attitude. Past glories always come second to how a man presents himself in a business situation. In a globalized climate that demands work 24/7, you’ll never know where your next important business meeting is going to be. Many successful deals between business partners and clients have been talked over a lunch table. Many business relationships have been strengthened by the memories of pleasant taste of salads or a fond moment in a hotel buffet in Singapore. So, how can you make use of your next business lunch to boost your career?

It’s a simple lunch

The lunches used in these business meeting are not too dense. Most of the times they are preferred to be light. Hence, the first thing you should learn is to not say no to a business lunch. Be courteous and appreciative of the arrangement and that itself will speak about your good will. Do not pay too close attention to your table manners, because you also have to be attentive to what your client is saying. Let your instincts take care of the manners and live in the moment.


You know the business meeting is more about talking than eating. The lunch is there just to serve for the occasion so that nobody could remember their stomach growling during an afternoon meeting. Therefore, eat enough food but keep yourself replenished with water before you utter another word. It’s a simple behavior that makes your client or partner comfortable and have a good opinion about your neatness and etiquette.

Attention to detail

Business lunch is a fantastic scenario where you can display your keen senses and attention to detail. If the lunch is happening in a restaurant or a hotel buffet in Singapore and there is something wrong with the food, then have a word with the manager and get the food replaced. It gives your client an impression that you will not settle for anything mediocre. The manner in which you consume you prepare to consume your food also gives off an impression about how much you know about the food you eat. It also provides enough chance to display your skills to act in an unfamiliar situation. Utilize just enough sense of humor at the end of the meeting to make a lasting impression.