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Aesthetic Treatments and Costs

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Oct 282020


One of the places where we could go for our beauty concerns is an aesthetic clinic. We have a lot of them around town, but we must keep in mind that we have to be careful in choosing the right clinic. In this article, we are going to help with that by giving you some pieces of information about them including their costs. In addition, we are also going to tell you more about aesthetic treatments as well.

To start, Premium Switzerland will first tell us more about aesthetic treatments and cosmetic injections.


There are many options available for those of us who want to preserve our youthful beauty and new technology means that there is an increasing variety of anti-ageing treatments that don’t require major surgery. Dr Blum, a cosmetic doctor at Switzerland’s exclusive Clinic Lémanic, guides us through the world of beauty injections and what they can do for you.

Hear the term “beauty injections” and botox usually springs to mind. However, there are a range of anti-ageing injections available. To find out more, we talk to Dr Blum, cosmetic doctor at the Clinic Lémanic, about the advantages of the different treatments available. Read more here.

Given above are four questions that we should keep in mind when planning on having aesthetic treatments and cosmetic injections. These are: What kinds of injections are available to improve our looks? How do they work and what are the benefits? Are there any disadvantages to these types of injections? And which treatment is right for me?

Now, Expat Living will tell us about top anti-ageing clinics for Botox in Singapore and how much they cost.

Botox in Singapore: Top anti-ageing clinics, plus how much it costs

Worried about the beginnings of wrinkles, lines and ageing when you look in the mirror? Out of the facial treatments we’ve tried and tested, Botox might just be the quickest and easiest answer to taking years off your face.

Injected into the area just beneath skin with a microneedle, Botox can smooth out wrinkles, minimize pores, sculpt jawlines and even slim calves. The treatment is usually done in about 10 minutes, and no recovery time is needed. You could even squeeze in a fix at lunchtime. And if you’re terrified of needles, don’t fret, numbing cream can be applied to minimise discomfort. Read more here.

So provided above is a long list of aesthetic clinics in Singapore where you could have your Botox treatment. Pieces of information about them include their address, contact number, and costs. In addition to that, Dr. Ethan will give us an ultimate list of effective aesthetic treatment and costs in Singapore. If you are looking for an aesthetic clinic in Singapore, I definitely recommend you take a look at Prive Aesthetics.


Aesthetic procedures are very popular in Singapore, which is why lots of beauty salons have jumped on the bandwagon. If you’re considering some form of aesthetic treatment, I hope that you first take some time to find out which procedures actually work, and which don’t!

The second consideration is that an aesthetic procedure may be offered at such a low-powered setting that it’s practically ineffective (or worse yet, make use of a harmful imitation product, as this Straits Times report on fake Thermage machines highlighted).

When there are a dozen different lasers available in Singapore with wide-ranging prices, it’s confusing even for myself as a doctor, let alone the average Singaporean.

To help everyone, I’ve done a search of all non-surgical aesthetic procedures offered in Singapore, and cross-referenced them against various studies and SMC 2016 guidelines to find out which treatments are proven to work (ie based on evidence).

This has been compiled into the table below with a price range for your easy reference. Read more here.

Mentioned above are the different aesthetic treatments that we could have in Singapore. So given are the pieces of information about the aesthetic procedures, treatments names, what it is effective for, and what the costs are. Now if you are planning to have one of those aesthetic treatments, it would now be a lot easier for you with all the pieces of information provided above.

Skin Tightening Treatment – Cost, Risk, and Recovery

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Jan 312020

One of the most unique and facial rejuvenating processes is laser skin tightening which reduces the wrinkles and makes your skin tighter. This process not only removes wrinkles, but it also makes your skin tighter, toned, smoother and youthful.

What is laser skin tightening?

Laser skin tightening is a non-surgical process. In this process, infrared light is used to tighten up the skin by heating the lowest layer of the skin. The lowest layer then boost up the production of collagen which further contracts the skin and makes the skin tighter and toned.

This process is quick and can be done immediately and this is the reason why this process is very famous. Soon after the process, you will start feeling the tightening of the skin but in order to have optimal results, you need to wait for around two to three months.

Laser treatments for skin tightening are FDA approved method that helps in reducing the fine lines of the skin. Although, this process is not as dramatic as facelift patients enjoy moderate results. This process can be performed on any part of the skin and thus you get your body toned quickly.

This process also improves the growth of collagen in the treated areas. It also improves the absorption of collagen from the skin. As the cells start to regenerate, you will start noticing smoother, softer and toned skin.

What to expect?

Before getting started, you will have to remove the complete makeup, sunscreen or any lotion from the skin. The doctor will start applying a topical anesthetic cream to the area that needs to be treated. The doctor may also provide you glasses if the skin is near your eyes.

Since the skin is non-ablative, there is no need to repeat the anesthesia. But if the patient can’t tolerate even minor discomfort, make sure you talk your doctor beforehand.

Laser skin tightening is processed in the cosmetic skincare clinic. At the time of the process, the doctor uses a handheld device that applies the pulse of laser energy to the treating part of the skin. The blower of the laser will blow cool air to the skin continuously so that to ensure patient comfort.

Most of the time the doctor uses the device thrice on a portion but if the skin is too loose, the doctor may have to use the device a couple of times more at different sessions.

Is it painful?

No, the treatment is not at all painful. Before starting the treatment, the doctor will soothe the skin using an anesthetic cream. This ensures the comfort level of the patient. Most of the patients who took the treatment confirmed that they just have faced a very small amount of discomfort which is bearable.

The cool air makes it easier. The cool air not only provides comfort to the patient, but it also saves the skin from any kind of burn. It is common to feel the heating sensation while the process is carried out.

Laser-Based Skin Tightening Treatments in Singapore

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Jan 232020

Laser-based skin tightening is a unique and ideal way to rejuvenate your skin. Nowadays, every product contains chemicals and thus the effect of chemicals is seen on the skin of the body. These are the conditions when laser skin treatment comes to life. If you search over the internet, there are many other ways to rejuvenate your skin, but the best way is to have good quality and ensured treatment:

Loose and wrinkled skin is one of the biggest nightmares for any woman or even man. But there are many ways to get rid of this. Laser treatment is a way that ensures smooth, tight and wrinkles free skin. Laser treatment is a way that makes your skin smoother and reduce wrinkles and sign of aging.

Laser skin tightening is a non-surgical process in which there is not even a single surgical process involved and thus it doesn’t have any kind of downtime. When it comes to skin tightening it works by boosting the skin protein called collagen. After taking the treatment, the results can be seen immediately. This process is FDA approved and thus you can rest assured that the process is well tested. The biggest benefit of skin tightening treatment is that this treatment doesn’t have any kind of downtime.

Why do people go for skin tightening?

Every day when we go out, our skin gets exposed to UV radiation and sun exposure. This UV radiation and sunlight make your skin dark and increase the number of wrinkles as it kills the amount of collagen of your skin. Which further leaves your skin to lose and make you look aged.

As we grow older, the balance of collagen is reduced especially after the age of 30. After the age of 30, our body reduces the production of collagen and thus we need to have some of the other treatments so that we can balance the production of collagen.

The home remedies are simple, but they are not as effective as taking the treatment for skin tightening. The biggest disadvantage of home remedies is that it may cause any kind of allergies to your skin. While using any home remedies, there might be some of the other ingredients that may cause allergies to your skin. And it’s a possibility that most of the remedies won’t remove the wrinkle of your skin.

If you are tired of waiting for the other treatments to work, you must try laser treatment for your skin as it’s a very easy and the most effective way to get rid of loose skin. You can get this treatment for any part of your body and thus it becomes easier to maintain radiant skin all over the body. You can target face, neck, thighs, back, etc.

Even if the skin is too loose, the doctor will have to perform the activity multiple times so that the skin gets a good amount of energy to produce more collagen and make skin tighter.

Everything You Need to Know About Laser Skin Tightening Treatments

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Jan 152020

Tight and radiant skin is the biggest desire of every woman. Every woman wants at least her facial skin to be tight, radiant and clear. But, because of artificial and chemical-based products, the skin must face a lot of damage as a result, skin gets lose which makes us look a lot older.

Although, there are many skin tightening methods, laser skin tightening is one of the best ways that you can opt for. Laser skin tightening is a very simple and plain process that you can get to make your face, neck and body skin tighter.

With studies, it is found that after the age of 30 our body slows down the production of collagen and elastin. These are the two types of protein that help firm our skin, making it plump and toned. The nonsurgical laser treatment targets energy to the layer of the skin and so that the skin starts stimulating collagen and elastin which will improve the texture of the skin and starts toning it.

What Areas Can it Cover?

Laser treatment is very simple and does not involve any kind of surgeries and you can get this treatment done to any part of the body. Neck, Face, Chin, stomach, and thighs are the most common parts that people usually want to have tighter skin.

3 Types of Laser Treatments

If you search over the internet, you will find hundreds of names for a laser treatment, but the truth is that all the laser treatment lies under the same umbrella. The three types are 1. Ultrasound 2. radiofrequency 3. radiofrequency micro-needling.

1. Ultrasound

Ultrasound is not just for the pregnant ladies but it is also used for the skin tightening treatments. Ultrasound is highly effective for the people who are looking to have a good amount of lift to the skin. Ultrasound can heat the deepest part of the skin and thus it’s extremely effective for the people who are looking to have tighter skin. The treatment is followed by using a handheld device that produces and renders ultrasound waves to the skin. At the time of performing this activity, the doctor will use the ultrasound to look at the deepest layer of the skin and start heating it so that the boost comes from the deepest part of the skin.

2. Radiofrequency

This technology also uses a handheld device that is used to target your skin. In Radiofrequency, the skin is heated at a more superficial level so that the collagen production is triggered. This process is very quick and it can be done within an hour. The un-comfort you will feel is a high amount of heat and you may feel it as a hot stone massage.

3. Radiofrequency Needling

Radiofrequency needling is a tool that is like a stamp. It possesses a motorized stamper that contains around 37 gold needles. These needles enter the skin and create radiofrequency to make the skin tighter. This process is also quick but you need to have multiple treatments.

Apr 042016

Melbourne has a number of tourist spots and hence, those who visit the city should make it a point to visit and see these places. Let us have a look.

1. Queen Victoria Market

This is one of the must-visit destinations for tourists. The market offers various types of fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat and poultry. You can find even specialty delicacies as well in this market.

Apart from food products, the place accommodates a market that is not related to foods. In this market, you can buy clothes, shoes, handmade art items, jewelry, etc. Tourists can enjoy the old-world charm of the place.

2. Penguin Parade

The Penguin Parade that is about 95 kms. from the city of Melbourne is a major attraction because it re-connects people with nature and wild life. Especially, the sight of young penguins returning home when the sun sets is a scene that everyone will like.

3. Warrook Cattle Farm

Those who visit Melbourne on a family holiday can have a great time with animals like sheep, wombat and kangaroos at Warrook Cattle Farm. Children as well as adults will enjoy the sight of these animals being fed.

4. 12 Apostles

You cannot miss visiting 12 Apostles when you visit Melbourne. It is on the coastline of Victoria these giant rock structures stand tall. These are limestone cliffs formed due to the sea-wave erosion that began millions of years ago. Caves that ultimately got converted into arches were formed in these cliffs. The colors of these structures keep changing from dark to bright sandy yellow color as the sun becomes a full ball of fire.

Though the place is called 12 Apostles, there are only 8 structures at present. You have to travel towards the West for about 4 hours to reach the place that is nearly 275 kilometers from Melbourne. The erosion is still continuing and so, experts feel that the shape of the structures will change in future.

5. Healesvile Sanctuary

The Healesvile Sanctuary is at the Yerra Ranges foothills and this sanctuary provides you with a typically Australian wildlife experience. Nearly 200 species of various types of Australian wildlife that include platypus, emus, koalas, Tasmanian devils, wombats, eagles and lyrebirds can be found in this sanctuary. Experts are available in this place for explaining about these animals.

In addition to these 5 places, you can visit Yarra Valley Wineries, Peninsula Hot Springs, Eureka Skydeck 88, Sovereign Hill, and the Melbourne Aquarium also because these attractions will certainly fascinate you and your family members. If you arrive at the airport, you can always choose Melbourne airport transport to city, to check out these places.